We are committed to making IT skills global and affordable to everyone including the people with special needs. In other to achieve this we organize periodical training outside our office just to reach out to people who are a bit far away and want to acquire skill in ICT at a very affordable price giving out the same quality.

Our training is of various types.

Executive Training: This training is majorly for organizations who wants in-house training for their staffs in one ICT skill or the other, we come right into your organization and train your staffs there bringing in our equipment and highly qualified staff.

We deal with all organizations not minding your industry because we’ve got a computer skills for all field of study.

Individual Training: Some individual don’t want to come to the four walls of a classroom to learn due to their status or some other reasons best known to them. We have make provisions to reach out to such people in other to help them achieve their goal without having to come into any of our classroom, we have dedicated teachers for such assignment who will meet you at your own chosen location to put you through.

Special Training: This training is meant for our people with disability especially the hearing impaired ones and they also could make it any of the above (Executive, Individual) or come to our general classroom where they can be taught; as we have special teachers on ground to take care of that.

We operate using the law of inclusion, as we would allow them to sit in class with their hearing counterpart and learn all-together.

Periodic Training: Here we bring the training close to your door step at a very affordable price.

Customized Training: This Training are meant for churches, Mosques, communities etc. You come to us and request for a special training for your organization and we will come around and pass the knowledge across.


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